How Realticx Works: Our Process

How Realticx Works: Our Process

As the largest economy in the world and a land of immigrants, the United States attracts people from across the globe who want to live, work, and study here. In this article, you will learn more about the working process of Realticx group which shows you a simple and transparent step-by-step procedure for investment in the U.S. real estate.

Realticx helps all investors to invest in the U.S. real from anywhere, any time in the world. We use our investment experience and data science to search, find, buy, manage, and sell any kind of real estate for any local and international investor.

Realticx helps all people around the world regardless of their nationality to acquire desired property in the U.S. We specialize in finding, buying, managing, and selling properties in the U.S.

Step 1- Connect with a local customer advisor

Submit your information on our website by clicking here and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible by the client advisor. We use our experience, knowledge, and data science to find the right real estate at the right price. We will investigate thousands of real estate to identify the right real estate for every individual based on the budget and approach. We create a financial analysis for each real estate option and present it for each investor to maximize their benefits.  

Step 2- Make an offer

Our expert investor advisor will coordinate with you to find the best bid range for your desire property. Once the offer is accepted, based on your agreed terms you will wire the deposit money for the property and we reserve the property for you.

Step 3- Receive Background check, appraisal and inspection report

– Appraisal Report: An authorized professional appraisal assesses of the fair market value of real estate based on recent sales of similar properties and current market trends. 

– Inspection Report: A real estate inspection report is provided by certified inspector who identifies deterioration and assesses the condition of home and provide the recommendation for a buyer.

– Title report and Insurance: A title report shows the legal status of a property and crucial information about the property. The insurance is a policy covers any claims on a property.

Step 4- Close the deal and start collecting your rental income

We will work with you on the transaction to close your investment on the real estate. You will receive your passive income from beginning and you own the property 100%.

Step 5- We take care of the management, maintenance, repair, and developing your real estate

Our services includes:

– long-term rental collection,

– Manage and advice regarding tax documentation,

– Update your real estate with professional group,

– Maintenance and repair your property,

– Development program including addition and new construction units approved by city.

Step 6- Selling your property

You may decide to sell your property because of many reasons, so we would help you throughout this process. We will provide you some reports to give you some ideas about your property situation, market forecasting report, expected selling price ranges and the time frames. 

Benefits to Invest with Realticx

We help you to optimize your investment in top quality real estate in U.S. You will receive the following benefits of investing via Realticx:

– Invest in real estate from anywhere, any time in the world fully online,

– Assign your property to anyone,

– There is no personal liability for the investor,

– online access to your documents including tax document, background, title, insurance, etc.,

– We will take care of your property as long as you have plan.

To find out more about our services or get a free consultation appointment, simply contact us or visit our social media pages. Please also watch the video explaining our work process for more information.

How Realticx Works: Our Process