Property Management

Congratulations! You are the new owner and we need to have a solid plan for you. Depends on the type of your property you may need to have some of the following options:

Move in Ready Property: Your property is vacant, and you would like to keep it vacant as a vacation home or you may need to rent it out the property and earn some money. So we would help you to make decisions about your terms regarding your tenant and the lease time.

Rent Price: We would provide you our thoughts regarding your rent price range based on the public and available data, however, you would determine and finalize the rent price.

Marketing for new tenant: We would advertise the vacant unit for finding the right tenant(s) for you based on your criteria.

Tenant background check: You may decide to rent your unit to the new tenant, so we would provide you with the most updated tenant background check which is provided by the authorized agencies. Then you pick the right tenant and we would make an agreement for you.

Lease agreement: We would provide an official lease term and agreement to protect the owner’s interest based on your preferences.

Tenant request: we would handle any complaints and issues that tenants may have regarding the property.

Collect Rent: We would collect the rent and renew the lease contract if needed.

Property maintenance and repairs: We would keep your property healthy, presentable, and operational. We would fix and repair any property damages.

Tenant occupied: Your property is delivered with the tenant and you would finalize your willingness regarding the tenant lease. We can ask continue the lease with your terms or we can ask them to move out and deliver the property vacant for future decisions.

Need Repair and Improvement: Your property needs home improvement and renovations. We would provide you a proposal to make decision regarding your property improvement.

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New Construction: You bought a land or very old property and you would need to construct the new building, so we would help you for this scenario as well.

Online platform: You would be receiving all reports online via our online platform.

Market Report: Every quarter you would receive the market report for your property and our forecasting for your property value for the next year.

Taxes Documents: We would file income taxes on behalf of the owner per owner’s request.

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