Find and Buy a Property

Out of state investors, New U.S. residents, and international buyers may need some specific information for searching and buying any property in any state at the U.S. The U.S. real estate market and mortgage requirements may be different from buyer’s hometown real estate market. Real estate investment is a biggest investment for most of the people around the world. Thus, buyers need to work with many people to access the transparent and reliable data and information. 

Realticx group provides you all the expertise and experienced group of people you may need to find and buy the real estate in all the U.S. states. Moreover, if you are an international buyers and like to communicate with our expertise with your own language, Realticx group will assign you the expertise in each category based on your language preferences.

In the following, more detailed information about the find and buy process are described. Meanwhile, to find out more about our services or get a free consultation appointment, simply contact us and/or  visit our social media pages: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Real Estate Advisor: Buyers need to have defined and determined their goals, approaches, and time frame for their investment. Real estate advisor provides you with an idea about the locations and available options based on your criteria. Then, you will finalize your budget, state, city, types of the real estate (land, residential, commercial), and kinds of investment (short term rental, long term rental, construction project, and improvement project) based on your specific criteria.

Buyer’s agent: You need an authorized licensed real estate agent to help you to the available real estate options based on your criteria. Buyer’s agent fee is going to be paid by the seller and you will never pay any fee regarding your real estate agent. Realticx group assign you a real estate agent to help you via the process based on your preferences.

Real Estate Attorney /Escrow Company: The U.S. states require buyers to have a real estate attorney or an escrow company to handle the paperwork and collect the required funds involved in the closing process. Realticx group assigns you a real estate attorney/escrow company for having safe transaction process.

Tax advisor: You may earn income via your property and each state has own tax regulations regarding out of state/foreigners income. Realticx prepared you an income tax document for your property.

Registered Company: You can buy your property under your name, Limited Liability Company, S corporation, and C corporation. If you decided to registered your own company in any state and put your property under the name of your company, Realticx group will prepare your documents and registered the company for you in any state for out of state and international buyers.

Bank Account: You may need to have a bank account for your transaction, so we will create a bank account for you or your company.

Make an offer: Your documents are ready, and you can write an offer for your desired property. Your assigned agent will present your offer. There are three scenarios will be possible for your offer. A) Your offer would be accepted, B) You offer would receive a counter offer from the seller, C) Your offer would be rejected. Your real estate agent would be with you through the whole process and you have your agent’s advice for each scenario.

Initial Deposit: The money deposit to the account of the lawyer/escrow company to show the buyer’s good faith to make a purchase of the new property. This money would be refunded if the deal wouldn’t get finalized in any situation.

Inspection Report: The inspection report would be performed by an authorized inspector during your due diligence period, so you would get access to the property condition report. The report would show the condition of the property.

Appraisal Report: The buyer needs to be sure about the price that would be paid for the property. Licensed appraisal agent would provide the appraisal report which shows the fair value of the property based on the market conditions, previous sold properties, and available properties on the market.

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Title Report: The title report is the legal document that shows everything from the rightful owner, details of liens, encroachments, easements, and any possible issues discovered related to ownership of the property.

Property Insurance: Having a property insurance help you protect yourself against huge financial loss from property damages if something unexpected happens which caused by fire, smoke, wind, hail, hurricane, and more.

Transfer Money: The buyer would receive a final statement from the escrow company to deposit the money in the trusted account till they record the transaction and you get the official owner. Next, they would release the money for the seller.

You are an owner now. Congratulations! Get a free consultation appointment .