Sell Your Property

You may decide to sell your property because of many reasons, so we would help you throughout this process. We will provide you with some reports to give you some ideas about your property situation, a market forecasting report, expected selling price ranges, and the time frames. Realticx group provides you with the following expertise and experienced group of people to help you sell your investment real estate in the U.S.
Real Estate Advisor: Sellers need to clearly explain their expectations for selling their properties. Our Real Estate advisor provides you with forecasting reports about your property. Also, the advisor would explain the potential scenarios for selling your property.

Seller’s Agent: You need an authorized licensed real estate agent in the property location to help you to determine the right asking price for your property. You would finalize your asking price based on the public and transparent data which would be provided by your real estate agent. Your agent would show your property to the potential buyers and provide you reports based on the received feedback. Realticx group assigns you a local real estate agent to help you via the process based on your language preferences.

Real Estate Marketplace: You need to have a strong advertisement group to help you to advertise your property to sell it at the highest value. We would advertise your property globally in the Realticx marketplace platform.

Negotiate with Buyer: You need to communicate with your buyer side and finalized the contract, so Realtix would help you with all the stages of preparing and finalizing the contract, so there is no future liability for you.

List of Repairs: Your buyer may ask for some repairs, so Realticx group would repair the requested items in the property based on your agreement and approval.

Escrow Company/ Real Estate Attorney: Each Transaction needs an Escrow company or Real Estate attorney for confirmation and reviews of the documents. Realticx group will assign you the right real estate attorney or escrow company.

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Final Payment: The buyer will deposit the full amount of the final statement and we would prepare the report for you. Per your request, we could transfer the money into your account or allocate it for purchasing the other property.

Tax Documents: Each state and city has its own regulations in the U.S. regarding property tax, income tax, and sales tax. Realticx group provides you with the tax document to submit to the Internal Revenue Service.

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